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Wooden Tarot Card Holder Triple Moon Altar Supplies

Wooden Tarot Card Holder Triple Moon Altar Supplies

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An Inspiring Altar Accessory to Provide a Sense of Direction

The simple and elegant design allows the handicraft to encompass any decor and style, making card display and photograph more visually appealing. Whether you are feeling down or you want to guide a friend towards the right choice, you can use the‌ triple‌ moon‌ symbol of the stand for inviting energy, wisdom, and confidence.

Product Description: 

Materials: Wood

Process: Handcarved

Rectangle: 8*3*0.8 inches

Half Moon: 4.7*3.3*0.8 inches

(Note: The cards and those candles showed in the photo are not included in the package.)

  • Main Features: Triple Moon Details - The smooth moon carvings show three moments in the moon phase cycle. Each moon is carved into a perfect shape to display and recharge crystals and other valuables.
  • High Quality Material - Our Tarot Holder is made of natural wood. The surface and the edge of this wood base are carefully polished, very smooth and burr free. Each moon groove can be used to place candles, crystal stones or other divination supplies.
  • Perfect Gift For The Tarot Enthusiasts - If you are looking for a wooden witches altar tool to assist your magical rituals, divination and other abilities, then this woode stand will be the most suitable! Give as a gift to your friend who's a fan of tarot card reader and they will have a perfect reminder of you and your friendship.


As practical and it is functional, this set of tarot card holders can be safely placed anywhere and is ready to display your cards anytime. It can be used to display daily affirmation cards or use during readings for others.

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