Wicca Pentagram Moon Earrings

Material: Silver 925

This is a pair of gorgeous and unique Pentagram earrings with faux moonstone detail and 3 dangle crescent moons at the ends of a chain. 3 is a very magical number and represents not only the return of karma but Maiden, Mother and Crone. These earrings have only been worn once for about an hour and have since been stored in a small jewelry box by themselves. Fish hook with rubber backs. Circles are about the size of a 50 cent coin and they measure approx 3.5" from top of hoop to lowest ūüĆô

Everything that goes into making the Wiccan jewelry brings its own energy into it. The metals, the gem stones, the symbols, even the colours. They all have meaning, and certain powers. You can choose your jewelry so that these materials support your goals. In this way, your jewelry can become a magick spell.

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