• Length: About 15cm
  • Death head moth Hair Stick:This product is inspired by Irish culture and also believes that people will turn into butterflies after death. The image of the goddess Psyche in Roman mythology is also one of the inspirations for the foundation of the product. She gives people the power of freedom and liberation of the soul, and serves as an amulet and patron saint to expel the dark and devil
  • Snack Hair Stick:In ancient Egypt, the snake was an animal that represented kingship. The head crowns of all the pharaoh figures we see are very special. This is a kind of ornament similar to the flat neck that was raised when the cobra was under attack; and a snake was always entrenched on the pharaoh's cane. Because in Egypt, the snake symbolizes the wisdom of Solomon, the cobra god is the patron saint of ancient Egyptian monarchs.
  • Crescent Moon Hair Stick: The ancient Romans believed that the new moon symbolizes the intuition, creativity, and sensuality of female power, and has a super blessing for women and children In the Quran, the crescent moon represents a new force, from the crescent moon to the full moon, marking Islam destroying and decaying, conquering darkness, fulfilling deeds, and bright world.

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