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You wear your lanyard more than any piece of clothing. It should make you smile.

These lanyards will make carrying your ID badge or keys more joyful. Show off your style no matter what you are wearing: scrubs, a t-shirt, or a suit. We have put great care into making you a beautiful product that will make your day a little brighter.


You will wear your lanyard more than any item of clothing you own. That's why it's important that it feels nice against your neck or in your hand while you are using it.

We make our lanyards with a nice, wide strap of the softest, silkiest fabric we could find, and we designed it with care to make sure it would be beautiful to look at and wonderful to wear - even on bare skin.


Your lanyard is only useful if it's easy to use. We designed ours with a removable buckle so that no matter what you are carrying - an ID card, keys, or something else - you can get to it easily and remove it for use without having to take the lanyard all the way off. Simply snap open the buckle, use what you need, and then snap it back on to the lanyard.

The flat ring and spring hook at the bottom makes it easy to attach an ID card, a key, or any other lightweight item you can attach with a clip.

Carry your cardkey or keys in style with this vibrant, stylish lanyard. The snap buckle release makes it easy to use your keys, badge, or whatever else you are carrying. Made of the softest fabric, the lanyard is 3/4 in wide and 24 in long to the bottom of the spring hook. A great way to carry your keys or ID.

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