Natural Crystal Quartz Crown Hair Accessories

  • It is wrapped in either silver, gold or rose gold wiring.
  • Gram weight: about 68-80 grams of weight to see clearly in the order
  • Accessories are hand-bound, not glued
All crystals are hand-tied by screening. Others are randomly selected and will not make a large number of headbands. We have been doing it to give you the best quality, the lowest price, the crystal itself. It is natural, there will always be cracks, there will always be faults, crystals are naturally formed, not synthetic, so customers who have strict requirements for crystals, you should go buy glasses, so the harsh customers are cautious to buy, crystal The color is electroplated. If the color is naturally formed, can you buy this price? There is also a difference in the size of each batch of crystals. We don't want to. Natural things are not the same every time, but we always pick out the most beautiful crystals and make them into headbands.

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