Moon Wall Hanging Dream Catcher

Material: 100% Cotton

Moon Phase Macrame Wall hanging Black Dream Catcher Handmade Boho Wall Hangings Tapestry With Light For Bedroom Apartment Decor

1.Material: High-quality dream catcher is made of moon-shaped metal ring and handmade cotton rope woven reticulation. It will not fade and be damaged easily.

2.t is handmade decoration made of black rope. The woven mesh structure is wrapped around a moon-shaped metal frame and is inlaid with small beads and string lights(you need to twine the string lights by yourself)Together they form a perfect mural.

3.This exquisite moon hanging macrame dream catcher will bring more aesthetic feeling to the room, you can hang it anywhere in the family, such as: bedroom bedside, desk, living room, window. It's also an exquisite gift for relatives and friends.

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