Moon Dream catcher Wall Hanging

  • Material:Polyester, Artificial Feather
  • Size: (Approx) tassel 50cm, semicircle 20cm, rope 13cm

1.Product features: Dream catcher originated in the 18th century, Indians use it to capture beautiful dreams,
let the nightmare disappear with the morning sun, they believe that the night air is full of dreams,
only the dream catcher will Dream filtering, bringing them into a beautiful dreamland.
2.Function: Dream catcher has the meaning of praying for peace and bringing good luck. It hangs in the children's room and can drive away nightmares, making people dream of falling asleep. It can also be hung on the car for good luck!
3.Material: Wall Hanging is made of Polyester, Artificial Feather, is a non-allergic material.
It is a very versatile decorative pendant.
4.Dream Catcher: This moon/star macrame wall hanging is created to fit in any space and budget.
Beautiful wall art creates a sense of harmony and comfort for your room.
5.Occasions: It is great for a bedroom, dorm room, living area, baby nursery,
workspace or anywhere where you'd like to bring some texture and interest to your walls.

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