Halloween throw blanket cat pumpkin witch

◆About matching
This blanket has some thickness and can be used as sofa towel, bed cover, leisure blanket.
You can cover the Internet and watch TV, or use it as a tablecloth.
When the bed sheet, it feels a bit coarse, like a friend, this is really hard to find.
It can also be used as a carpet, which is easier to handle than normal thick carpets, but it needs a coffee table to be fixed, otherwise it is easier to slide.
Suitable for double sofa, single sofa, double sofa, recliner, bay window sill, bed foot blanket, summer mat, carpet

◆About the feel
The thickness is moderate, and the cotton thread feels hard when it is pasted. After washing and using it, it will become softer and softer!

◆About color
The color is rinsed cotton thread
The blanket is very thick and practical, and it is a real multi-purpose blanket!

◆About maintenance
It can be machine washed normally in cold water. Because of the spikes, pay attention to gentle washing! To prevent entanglement, it is recommended to use a moderate amount of softener and do not dry it too much.
Bleaching detergents are not available. The size of this model belongs to the "flexible model". The measurement error is about 2%-5%, which is a normal phenomenon.
All styles are front and back, both sides can be used, the colors of both sides are different

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