Deluxe Animated Dragon Book

  • You can’t help but be drawn to this scaly tome, so you move closer to take a look. But a warning: she knows you’re there.
  • The eye at its center of our Deluxe Animated Dragon Book is motion-triggered to open suddenly and glow a cool, eerie green. So realistic, you’re caught waiting to feel her fiery breath.
  • If you’re looking for “startle effect,” this is a knock-out, must-have party prop. Durable resin and plastic construction
  • Animated Halloween dragon book prop
  • Eye, motion-activated to open & glow
  • Fascinating, realistic scaly texture
  • Must-have for “startle factor”
  • Durable resin and plastic construction
  • Please note: book does not open, pages are sculpted
  • Indoor use only
  • Size:10.5x15.5cm

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