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Chakra Stones Witch stones Engraved Symbols

Chakra Stones Witch stones Engraved Symbols

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  • How to use your witch stones
The ancient practice of casting gemstones is called Lithomancy.This traditional ritual provides the user with inspiration,guidance,knowledge and gengeral decision-making .
  • Where will your stones fall?
Place the pentacle casting chart on a flat surface.Hold the stones inside your hands,then shake them like dice to cast them onto the chart.Immediately remove any stones with symbol facing down,as the are voided.
-Stones which land in the center(lllumination)should be considered direct answers to your question.If multiple stones land here,you should first read the stone closest to the exact center.
-Stones which land within the star(Magik Point)reflect how your own actions can strongly affect and influence and given outcome.
-Stones which land within the circle(Shadowlands)are void.
-Stones which land between two points should be movedto the larger of the two areas.
Healing&other properties given are for information only and should not be used to replace medical advice or treatment.
This box is the key to witching wellness. On the front of the box, it states "Wellness Witch Stones, For Guidance and Knowledge." After opening the front cover of the box, you can see 6 small stones (Grey Agate, Rose Quartz, Unakite, Yellow Aventurine, Aventurine Light and Brazil Agate), each with different symbolic properties. The box also contains a satchel for portability, a pentacle casting chart and an instruction booklet to Ruby Dreaming: This ruby red dragon lays down on the ground with its legs, wings and tail tucked in snuggly. Napping with its head up and eyes firmly closed, this young dragon seems perfectly relaxed as it begins to drift into a deep sleep. Cast in the finest resin before being lovingly hand-painted, this enchantingly adorable Dragon is the ideal gift for any lover of mythical beasts. Help you and others receive inspired guidance and unveil hidden knowledge.
  • Gemstones for Spiritual Wellness.
  • Set of 6 stones.
  • Presented in a small display box.
  • Small descriptions of each stones powers.

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